Peet Dictor Show 3pm – 7pm


Peet Dictor Bio

Peet’s love has always been broadcasting. He is a well known broadcast professional in the business and has several decades of experience in Radio, Television, Broadcast Management and Marketing.

His story began the day he walked into CJRN 710 Radio in Niagara Falls looking to be a Top 40 DJ with no experience… just a ton and a half of desire and then some! The owner overheard him naively talking to the receptionist… saw something in his ambitious passion and gave him a job as a studio operator the next day starting at 5am in the morning.

Peet has since worked at several radio stations of all formats…. starting in News & Sports, followed by Music show hosting, Talk Radio, Some colour comentary for hockey, Consulting, Administration then moving on to the world of Television and Entertainment.

After working with Disney, Discovery, History, Learning & Travel Channels, starting up and running an on-air TV Station in Rome Italy, doing several shows on camera including The Peet & Reet Show with Rita Carry(still shooting) he has come back full circle to Radio, loving the intimacy, the community connection and the theatre of the mind aspect. He is very excited to be a part of the Classic 1220 Team and all that it is going to be for you St Catharines and Surrounding Area! 

Peet Dictor Show – Program Description

The Peet Dictor and Company Drive Home Show from 3-7pm daily is something that you just won’t quite be able to put your finger on. Always changing, new guests, new features, broadcasts from the streets, Classic Music, talk radio, open mic, musicians in studio playing live and chatting about where they are going, people with great stories like Chris Duprie who has an incredible Near Death experience to share, celebs, locals, contests and of course the staples like News, Weather, Sports and traffic with a seasoned news staff. Oh we’re going to have a good ride that’s only going to get better with age!