The Greg Carrasco Show


The Greg Carrasco Show 

Putting a label on Greg Carrasco is like trying to grab a handful of smoke….its impossible. Besides his treasured role as a father, he is a highly successful Automotive Executive, an accomplished practitioner of the Martial Arts, a Social Media Pioneer, a captivating public speaker, provocative Radio Host and of course, Chief Slacker.  

Over the past 15 years, Greg Carrasco has garnered an ever-growing audience across the GTA, Canada and Internationally through his radio shows and through his hundreds of thousands of social media followers.  

The Greg Carrasco Show joins Classic 1220 with a unabashed brand of talk radio.  Building on his own incredible life experiences, Greg brings a dynamic, passionate and sometimes humorous perspective on the world around us.  And the world has given him a lot to work with these days…

The Greg Carrasco Show has always been a platform for his listeners who want to share their experiences and perspectives.  The Greg Carrasco Show will be live every Saturday morning taking listener’s calls, emails and social media messages that want to join the conversation.  Politics, Religion, Healthcare, Cars, Brazilian jiu jitsu or what you’re having for breakfast…its all fair game.

Somethings Happening Here…on the Greg Carrasco Show on Classic 1220 every Saturday at 8a.

Greg Carrasco Bio

Dad first, Brazilian jiu jitsu student, Host of the Greg Carrasco Show now on Classic 1220AM – the most influential and largest Automotive talk show in Canada, President and CEO of Wild Wolf Enterprises. Greg is also Vice President of Operations and General Manager of Oakville Nissan and Oakville Infiniti.

Greg is an accomplished senior executive, public speaker and radio host. With his innovative and dynamic personality, he speaks to audiences across the country and the world about the power of branding, social media, best industry practices and dealer operations.

Over 27 years of experience in the automotive industry, and a desire to educate audiences on purchasing awareness, has made him one of the most well known and influential automotive think-tanks in the world.

His radio show has been on for over 13 years, his podcast (The Greg Carrasco Show on iTunes) and social media accounts are followed by hundreds of thousands of people across North America and the world. Greg teaches his clients how to increase sales through brand recognition, integrated marketing methodologies and advanced knowledge of social and digital media.

Proven track record of success in managing automotive dealership operational turnaround. Specializing in re-staffing, re-training, re-directing and streamlining processes and expenses to accelerate growth and re-gain profitability.