Welland Council allocates $35,000 to fund a temporary eight-bed shelter for February and March

In light of the increasing demand for homeless support in Welland, City Council has taken action to address the immediate needs of its unhoused residents.

The city says though the Niagara Region has augmented the number of available beds for homelessness support in Welland by eight beds, from November 1 to April 30, providing accommodation for approximately 50 individuals at two persons per room, a motion brought forward by Councillor Bonnie Fokkens directs staff to fund a temporary eight-bed shelter for February and March of this year. Mayor Frank Campion says Council voted unanimously in favour of the motion, and Council has placed a significant task on staff to deliver the program. Mayor Campion says Council has full faith that staff will research, partner, and update Council on the progress of the initiative.

A release from the Cty of Welland says that as staff formulates a comprehensive plan, it is imperative to carefully deliberate on various aspects while addressing the motion’s request. The community currently faces a scarcity of resources and workforce, posing a challenge in adequately staffing the site. Successful offering and operation also hinge on meeting service standards and individualized service needs. Moreover, the selection of the site’s location requires meticulous consideration for optimal outcomes.

Council is allocating $35,000 from the operating surplus account to maximize the available days for the shelter to be open.