Statement from St. Catharines Mayor Mat Siscoe regarding new Niagara Region shelter

Oct 24, 2023 – I am encouraged to see the announcement today that the Niagara Region will be building a temporary, modular facility to house 50 shelter spaces in St. Catharines. This facility is one step in the right direction to address the need for these services in our community and provide better options for residents in need. I appreciate that identifying a location was the most difficult part of the process; with almost a hundred different sites across the city reviewed by Regional Staff, the decision to locate at 29 Riordon will bring positives to the neighbourhood that might not have otherwise been realised. This location allows for Niagara Region Staff to integrate into the neighbourhood and serve the most immediate and high-need clients, including those who have been living rough in the surrounding areas of Richard Pierpont Park and all the way into the downtown at Montebello Park. Residents with questions or comments are encouraged to reach out to any of their seven Regional Councillors, as well as Regional staff at 905-980-6000.

-Mat Siscoe Mayor of St. Catharines