NRPS 1 District Officers Launch Campaign to Address Obstruct Licence Plates – Update

In October of 2023, officers from the St. Catharines / Thorold office of the Niagara Regional Police Service began a six-month traffic campaign directed at obstructed and obscured licence plates. Phase One of the campaign was directed towards educating the public regarding the importance of a clear and un – obstructed view of their licence plate.  Licence plates are meant to be able to provide unique letters and numbers to be able to identify a specific vehicle. The ability to clearly see a licence plate can be of critical importance in the event of a collision, medical emergency, investigating crime, or ensuring accountability related to the Highway Traffic Act of Ontario. In September of 2023, the Niagara Region launched the Automated Speed Enforcement program as part of the Vision Zero Road Safety Initiative for Niagara.  Red light cameras identify motorists who fail to stop for a red traffic signal.  They are being added to the Vision Zero Road Safety Initiative in January of 2024.  During Phase One, officers issued 34 warnings. 27 were for Obstruct Plate. Seven others Provincial Offences were identified and resulted in warnings. 1 District officers have now entered Phase Two of the campaign, focusing on enforcement. Phase Two will continue until the end of March 2024.