Niagara Falls Man Arrested on Animal Cruelty Charges

On December 28th, uniform officers from the Niagara Parks Police Service along with uniform officers from the Niagara Regional Police Service jointly began an investigation into the abandonment of five puppies along the Niagara Parkway in Niagara Falls. As a result of the investigation detectives identified a suspect.  On Wednesday, a search warrant was executed at a Niagara Falls residence. Detectives have arrested and charged 63 year-old Mario Sid Silva of Niagara Falls with four counts of Willfully Cause Unnecessary Pain/Suffering or Injury to an Animal and one count of Kill Animals Other Than Cattle. The investigation determined that seven Shar – Pei puppies had been abandoned on December 28.  Four remain in the care of the Niagara SPCA, one was deceased when officers attended the initial scene, and two are unaccounted for.The Shar – Pei puppies are believed to be 6 – 8 weeks old.  The puppies are doing well and gaining weight.  While there are plans to adopt out the puppies to a good home, they will be remaining in the care of the Niagara SPCA till they reach an adoptable age.