Niagara cracking down on impaired driving

Niagara Police are continuing their effort to bring more attention for impaired driving, charging 17 individuals from March 25th to April 7th 2024. 


Impaired driving is when behind the wheel with drugs or alcohol. The blood alcohol concentration of 80 mgs or above of alcohol in 100 ml of blood. 


Justin BOUCHARD, 36 years, Niagara Falls

Christian I. PETTOROSSI, 19 years, Niagara Falls

James P. M. MASSON, 45 years, Niagara Falls

Adam A. L. RICE, 30 years, St. Catharines

Michael P. LOCOCO, 86 years, Niagara Falls

Liam J. TROYAN, 20 years, St. Catharines

Giancarlo MAGAZZENI, 60 years, Welland

Gary A. MURPHY, 36 years, Welland

Andrew F. GAMBLE, 24 years, Port Colborne

Timothy A. ATHERTON, 58 years, St. Catharines

Robert A. ST. PIERRE, 79 years, Niagara Falls

Yvonne BEVELANDER, 66 years, St. Catharines

Katia GAWRONSKI-CINA, 19 years, Fort Erie

Sandra R. COENS, 52 years, Niagara Falls

Corrie D. D. MCGOLDRICK, 28 years, Welland

Nicholas C. TROUP, 40 years, Niagara Falls

Brandon T. SINCLAIR, 24 years, Georges River