Joe Feta’s Greek Village’s Holiday Meal is back

A generational responsibility and obligation to give back to the community were behind Joe Feta’s Greek Village’s holiday meal for those on the streets of Niagara, according to restaurant co-owner Pierre Kountouris. Yesterday marked the fourth year for the meal and the second for it to go out on New Year’s Day. Kontouris says the first two years, the meals went out on Christmas, but as he started to learn about the various church and support groups, he realized there was a lot of duplication. His sister Cathy, Their children, family, friends and restaurant staff prepared close to 1,000 meals. Players and executives from the St. Catharines Athletics Junior A lacrosse team joined Joe Feta’s team to pack meals in tray form, which went to Start Me Up Niagara, Silver Spire United Church and Southridge Community Church. They opened their facilities for sit-down meals, while individual meals went to those on the streets and encampments. The co-host of the Goliath Moving It’s Your Call sports show on Classic 1220, Rob Hubbert, was the main point of contact for Kontouris for getting food on the streets to those in need.  With assistance from partners Big Red Food Service, Sysco Canada, Dan’s Produce and Johnny Rag, Kountouris says the food this year featured a beef and pork stew with rice and vegetables, along with fruits and drinks. Kountouris also says the Greek community in St. Catharines and Niagara Falls donated 100 sleeping bags to be handed out to those in need.