It’s Your Call with Rob Hubbert…..coming to Classic 1220

The It’s Your Call sports show is coming to Classic 1220. Join Sports Director Chuck Lafleur and Niagara hockey legend Rob Hubbert every Monday evening right after the 6 o’clock news for this one-of-a-kind show with the one-of-a-kind coach. Rob Hubbert has been involved with the local hockey scene in various capacities for his entire life, and of course, has been known to have an opinion or two on, well, pretty much everything.

It’s Your Call” aired on the old 1220 CHSC radio station for a number of years, welcoming a who’s who from the local sports scene and beyond. Was it controversial? Maybe. Did Hubbert ruffle some feathers? Possibly. Was it informative? 100%…

Was it fun to listen to? Absolutely!!!

The new version of the show, like it’s predecessor, will feature discussions on local sports at all levels, whether it be the GOJHL, OHL, minor hockey, baseball, basketball, university, college and high school sports, lacrosse, wrestling, and more, with a weekly look at the pro sports scene as well.

Special guests will join the show on a regular basis, and of course, your comments will be welcome.

And to kick things off this coming Monday, November 13th on the first edition of the show, Rob Hubbert tells us he will have a major announcement. What could it be? Is he going back to coaching? Is he becoming the G.M. of a local team? Joining an organization in another capacity? Is he finally going to admit what many of us have suspected all along, that he is actually a space alien? Who knows…..

Tune in for the “It’s Your Call” sports show with Rob Hubbert, Chuck Lafleur and producer Matt Sanderson, beginning this Monday, November 13th at 6pm, on your hometown radio, Classic 1220