Holiday Scams targeting the elderly, increasing in St. Catharines.

NRP are urging people to be cautious this time of year as there has been an uptick in scams against the elderly. Over the last week there have been five attempts and one incident where a victim lost $6000. This has primarily happen in the North End of St. Catharines. As we get further into the holiday season scammers may increase their efforts.  Scammers may attempt to appeal to the “family holiday” theme to add pressure to vulnerable victims. The scammers contact people by phone and trying to convince them that a loved one (e.g., grandchild) is in legal peril and that only money or gift cards will solve the problem. In the recent incidents victims are being asked to attend a local bank and withdraw large sums of money.  Scammers direct the victim not to call anyone or talk to retail or bank employees.  A courier will then meet up with victim to collect the money, often attending the victim’s home.