Chair Bradley’s statement on the provincial government’s decision to reverse changes to local official plans

Oct. 24, 2023

Regional Chair Jim Bradley offered the following statement following the provincial announcement that changes to municipal official plans would be reversed:

“I would like to commend the provincial government for its decision to reverse the unilateral changes that were applied to the official plans of many municipalities across Ontario, including Niagara.

In my view, Minister Calandra’s decision demonstrates his commitment to engaging with local government across the province, as well as his respect for the autonomy of municipalities. By adopting this more collaborative approach to land use planning, the integrity of Niagara’s Official Plan will be restored.

The Niagara Region’s official plan plays a vital role in shaping the future of our region, and it is heartening to see the government walk back their changes that were added to our plan. This decision reflects a dedication to preserving the unique character of our communities and ensuring sustainable growth.

By reversing these changes, the provincial government has shown its commitment to striking a balance between development and the preservation of our natural and cultural heritage. We appreciate the willingness of the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing to work together with local governments, stakeholders, and our community to create plans that are in the best interest of Niagara and its residents.

I look forward to continued collaboration with the provincial government to ensure that our official plan is free of undue influence, as well as ensuring that our plan is responsive to the provincial goal of building 1.5 million homes.”