Firearms investigation in Niagara Falls leads to an arrest

In September, Niagara Regional Police began an investigation into the illegal manufacturing and trafficking of firearms. As a result of the investigation detectives identified a suspect. On Thursday, detectives located and arrested the suspect. Detectives obtained a search warrant for the suspect’s residence in the area of Dixon Street and Orchard Avenue in the City of Niagara Falls. Detectives seized multiple items during the execution of the warrant including:

  • Two 3D printed receivers to a handgun
  • A 3D printed holster
  • Two 3D printers
  • Remington model 597 rifle
  • Lee-Enfield 1915 rifle
  • Cooey Sureshot rifle
  • Remington model 788 rifle
  • Marlin 30/30 Winchester rifle
  • Kriss Vector rifle
  • Lakefield Arms rifle
  • Savage rifle
  • Sig Sauer handgun
  • An extended magazine capable of holding 30 bullets
  • 2 rifle sights
  • 3 rifle bolts
  • 6 magazines
  • 1040, .22 calibre rounds of ammunition
  • 369, 9mm calibre rounds of ammunition
  • 1,556 calibre rounds of ammunition
  • 29, 30/30 calibre rounds of ammunition
  • 9, 303 calibre rounds of ammunition
  • 49, 308 calibre rounds of ammunition
  • 91 shotgun rounds of ammunition
  • 47, .45 calibre rounds of ammunition
  • 16, 44 magnum calibre rounds of ammunition

30 year old Zachary Joseph Sawada , AKA “Bear” of Niagara Falls has been arrested and charged with the Criminal Code offences of:

  • Traffick Firearm, Criminal Code section 99(1)(a)
  • Manufacturing Firearms, Criminal Code section 99(1)(a)
  • Possession for the Purpose of Weapons (Firearm) Trafficking, Criminal Code section 100(1)
  • Possession of a Prohibited Device – Criminal Code section 88(1)
  • Careless Storage of a Firearm, Criminal Code section 86(1) (Global Charge)
  • Careless Storage of Ammunition, Criminal Code section 86(1)
  • Possession of a Firearm in an Unlawful Place, Criminal Code section 93(1)(b)