DSBN and Niagara Catholic Share Space Ahead of Move to Joint-Use Elementary School in Wainfleet

The District School Board of Niagara and Niagara Catholic District School Board  say they have approved a plan to ensure the health, safety, and well-being of students and staff of St. Elizabeth Catholic Elementary School during the final stages of construction of the new joint-use school in Wainfleet. To help support continued progress, the contractor has asked students and staff at St. Elizabeth to relocate in March so they can work on removing the existing St. Elizabeth school to finish all the parking, bus lanes and entrances required for the new facility. Staff will be able to prepare the school during the summer to welcome students from William E. Brown Public School, Winger Public School, and St. Elizabeth Catholic Elementary School. Niagara Catholic Facilities Services considered moving St. Elizabeth students to schools in Port Colborne or Welland, but says that would have meant longer travel times for some students. As partners in this joint-use school, DSBN staff offered to provide space at William E. Brown Public School for the 96 students and staff who attend St. Elizabeth Catholic Elementary School from the Monday following the March Break through the end of the school year. Under the agreement, Niagara Catholic students will attend school in portables provided by the DSBN, and common areas, such as washrooms and the playground will be shared by both schools. Principals of both schools are working out arrangements for shared after-school childcare and other needs. They will communicate information with families as decisions are made.