Arts and culture funding approved by Council

The City of St. Catharines continues to invest in the city’s vibrant arts and culture sector. At their Monday night meeting, City Council approved the final rounds of St. Catharines Cultural Investment Program funding for this year. The total allocation is for $82,215. The funds will be distributed to applicants through the Sustaining – Festival Program, Arts Development Program and Culture Builds Community Program. The approvals bring the total SCCIP funding allocated in 2023 to $401,400.

Successful applicants for rounds three and four of funding include:

-Sustaining – Festival Program: Bravo Niagara! Festival of the Arts – $14,500; Cicada Music and Arts – $18,000; Norm Foster Theatre Festival – $22,000; and TD Niagara Jazz Festival – $9,500.

-Arts Development Program: Bart Gazzola / Niagara Creatives Network – $2,000; and Matter of Black Community Services – $8,715.

-Culture Builds Community Program: Willow Arts Community – $7,500. SCCIP for 2023 is funded through a diverse range of sources, including the Tax Levy, Civic Project Fund, FirstOntario Performing Arts Centre Ticket Surcharge, Mayor’s Fundraising and Special Events Parking Fee Redirect, collectively contributing to the program’s budget of $400,000. Details on SCCIP funding programs for 2024 will be announced in the new year. Information on the programs, eligibility, applications, and more can be found by visiting