Armed suspect on Brock University, Saturday

Just before 5:50 Saturday evening, Niagara Regional Police responded to a report of an armed person at a student residence on the campus of Brock University. Officers learned the suspect, who is not a student at Brock, attended the campus to confront three known acquaintances over the circumstances of a previous dispute. When the confrontation took place, the suspect uttered death threats while displaying what was perceived to be a black handgun.  The three known acquaintances ran for safety and locked themselves inside a dormitory.  They were not injured. Brock University Campus Safety Services in conjunction with NRPS officers advised all Brock students and staff to shelter in place.  Shortly after, investigation determined the suspect left the premise in a vehicle and the shelter in place was lifted. Information was received that the suspect may be inside a residence located in north St. Catharines.  Police responded and contained the address.  The suspect exited the residence and surrendered himself at 7:03pm. He was placed under arrest. Detectives later searched the residence, and the involved handgun was located and determined to be replica airsoft pellet gun. 18 year old Dante Palumbo of St. Catharines has been charged with possession of a weapon, criminal harassment and uttering threats.